Response Plan


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Challis School District Response Plan

Challis School District appreciates the feedback from stakeholders.  I would like to clarify concerns that were asked in the survey.

Face Coverings

  • When the schools operate in the Green Zone, students will only wear masks or shields when distancing is not possible.  Spacing in classrooms will be implemented to help with distancing.  It is not the intention of the district that students and staff be required to wear face coverings all day. 
  • The district is not required to supply masks but will have them available to ensure safety measures are taken.

Online Options

Challis School District will only implement online school in the Red Zone. 

If you are looking at online options these are K-12 online public-school options (Be aware of enrollment deadlines if you are looking at these options):

6-12 online public school:

9-12 online public schools:

Movement between Color Zones

Challis School District does not determine the color zone, this is through Eastern Idaho Public Health.  You can look at this information daily on their website


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