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P.O. Box 304
1000 East Bluff Ave
Challis, Id 83226
Tyler Gaston
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Shanna Lammers


1000 E. Bluff Ave

P.O. Box 304 

Challis, Idaho 83226 






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Red & White



The current location of Challis Elementary opened its doors in 1966.  In 1981, an addition was finished and together makes up what is now Challis Elementary.  It is located north of Main Street in the city of Challis, Idaho.  Challis Elementary staff, students, and parents are working together to promote a safe, positive atmosphere "Where every student can learn."

  • Our school is built to accommodate approximately 750 students.
  • School is in session 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
  • The school's teacher/pupil ratio is an average of 1 to 16.1 students, but actual class sizes vary due to a different number of students per grade level.
  • The curriculum meets or exceeds the State Core Curriculum requirements.
  • Teachers are Highly Qualified and state certified.  Teachers work in grade level and cross level teams to improve instruction.
  • Teachers and the administrator undergo formal evaluations yearly.
  • Our school offers special programs including Gifted and Talented reading (4th - 6th grade), Title 1 accommodations, and student counsel.
  • Special education services are provided.  One resource teacher handles mainstream students, along with several paraprofessionals.  There is also a speech-language aide and an Occupational Therapist available to provide additional services.  A guidance counselor and a Title 1 teacher are also provided.
  • All students receive additional subject courses such as P.E., Library time, Music, Character Education, and Technology.
  • Challis elementary students follow the student handbook of rules and guidelines.  Due process procedures are followed in disciplining and positive reinforcement techniques through PBIS framework are used to encourage students to improve
  • A hot breakfast and lunch program are provided daily. Approximately 84% of the students participate, with approximately 42% receiving free or reduced-price meals.  
  • An active parent organization, Little Viking Booster Club, provides hours of volunteer service to the school weekly.  


Identification of Student’s Needs

At the beginning of each school year, students are given a math and reading placement test.  With the results from these tests, students are placed in appropriate groups which will help individual students achieve greater success. 

Professional Development

As our school is using the four day week, one to two Fridays per month are reserved for Professional Development days. Attendance is mandatory and is focused on the improvement of classroom instruction.  Teacher evaluations are used in determining the curriculum for professional development.  Not only is there district professional development, but teachers and staff are encouraged to seek out additional professional development.

Family and Community Involvement

School activities and programs are communicated to the community through our local newspaper and our parent club. Participation in our school by family and community members is strongly encouraged.  Teachers communicate with parents and family members through written messages, emails, and phone calls home.  Teachers are encouraged to communicate the positive actions as well as the negative.